Fingerman Park

Kakebon collaborated with Fingerman Comics to design a theme park based on Captain Fingerman universe, a wacky intergalactic saga powered by the love of bananas.

We fused the story into all aspects of design elements, simplified the theming for higher efficiency, programmed for maximum capacity and enhanced the quality of surrounding nature. Not forget to mention, we also sprinkled the magic of easter eggs and puns throughout the park.
The outcome is an immersive experiential storytelling environment that is an ideal destination for toddlers, preschoolers and grade-schoolers with their respective guardians. A great design begins with a great story.

So, what makes it unique? Unlike conventional theme parks with castles or mountains, we have an intergalactic wormhole built into our theme park.

Explore the virtual tour here. Get in touch to create destinations with us.


1 Hectare in Size
4 Hours Duration of Play
15 Attractions + 1 Roller Coaster
7,860 People per Hour Capacity
650,000 – 750,000 Visitors per Year
Infinite Amount of Fun